Water and Sewer Service



CITY HALL AT 517-645-7641



Current Residential Fixed Costs / RS Fees:

(These costs will be charged to each address every month even if the water service has been shut off)

Water:     $26.40 / mo                                    Sewer:     $30.33 / mo                                   TOTAL:       $56.73 / mo

Usage Rates:

 ( This will be charged each month in addition to your fixed costs)

Current Rate per 1000 gallons:     Water:  $3.84        Sewer:   $2.90        TOTAL:   $6.74 / 1000 gallons

Water & Sewer Deposit:

$100.00 deposit applies to accounts.  Deposit is refundable after two (2) years of on time payments or when you move out and address is transfered to another person.

Water Turn on/off Fees:

If your water is shut off for any reason there will be a $50.00 fee for the turn on and the turn off.